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Series: Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Character: Quatre Raberba Winner

Timeline: Post Series

Quatre has always been a kind person. This kindness extends to complete strangers in his need to help others, no matter the personal cost. He believes that if he has the ability to fight, he should, in order to protect the ones he loves, and so that others do not have to fight. He’d much rather put himself in danger, and readily does so, than risk another person being hurt. Although he chose to pilot Sandrock during the wars, Quatre is a pacifist at heart and dislikes fighting. He’d much rather try to talk about situation until a solution or compromise is found. Though, even during the war, protecting his friends and family were always his first priority. He is very sensitive and taking so many lives during the war affected him greatly. He feels the need to atone for his wrongs, and will sometimes blame himself for things that were out of his control. Quatre also has a tendency to think of himself as worthless or replaceable. It stems from his belief that he was a test tube baby, and although Rashid and the other Magunacs squashed most of this when they first met him, it still crops up from time to time. His occasional low self esteem doesn’t help this point.

He is a level headed individual and analyzes situations before acting. Most of the time he is confident, and strong willed. Sometimes his confidence boarders on optimism which is fueled by his determination to see things through. When he is challenged or someone is in danger, he will not back down from a fight, nor will he give up even if the odds are against him. He is unfazed by larger and/or stronger opponents, and uses his tactical skills over strength or force. He is a natural leader and can be very commanding when he chooses to be. Though he does expect people to listen to him to certain degree and is used to getting his way and getting what he wants. When what he was planning for or expecting doesn’t happen, he’s usually a bit surprised, then works on correcting it.

He has a stubborn streak a mile long, especially when it comes to the well being of a friend or himself. (Quatre has a bad habit of not taking care of himself properly, such as forgetting to eat or sleep in favour of working.) He can be insistent and nosy, but more often than not he is just trying to help. He’s a hard worker, though he’ll make time for fun (normally when someone forcefully reminds him) and enjoys a good game of chess or mahjong and other strategy based games. Animals tend to like him, and people are naturally drawn to him and his cheerful smile. Despite this, he does have some difficulty making friends and trusting other people, mainly due to his slightly isolated childhood. As well as his shyness as a child. However he will always try to befriend someone, even if they don’t particularly want to be friends. After all, he’d rather be someone’s friend than their enemy.

It is easy to mistake his normally cheerful attitude for naivety. Though he is anything but. Nor is he as innocent as his appearance can sometimes imply. Even before gaining his empathy, Quatre was a good judge of a person’s character and motivations. And he would often rely on his intuition to guide him when meeting new people. He has a slightly devious side (so would you after growing up with 29 older sisters, and then spending a year off and on with Duo) that he hides behind an innocent smile. Even though he doesn’t like being underestimated, he knows how to use his young age, and looks to his advantage. And just like any teen aged male he does have a few dirty thoughts every once in a while. Though he keeps these to himself, unless he is teasing Duo. With Duo and other close friends, his more playful nature comes out.

Overall, Quatre is a good person who tries to see the good in others. He takes on a lot of responsibility for a 19 year old and does his best to do what he thinks is right. He’s strong willed and doesn’t appreciate being bullshitted or lied to. He treats business, his involvement in the war and the world’s need for peace seriously. He is a loving individual and those who are drawn to him often feel the need to protect him. He gets upset if others are used to get to him, and prefers to be attacked or confronted directly. However he doesn’t always play ‘fair’, but he does do things honorably and for the good of others. Sometimes he comes off as slightly stuck up with the fervor in which he believes in his ideals. But his belief is genuine. He enjoys music and finds listening to and playing it relaxing, though he considers it a personal experience and will only rarely play for others.

Quatre is also a non-practicing Muslim. While he still believes in Allah, he does not feel comfortable with participating in most of the religion's traditions and customs.


December 12th, AC 180 - Quatre was born to Quatrine and Zayeed Winner on L4 (presumably on the Winner Resource Colony), one of the five main colony clusters. He is the only Winner child to be born naturally - all his 29 older sisters were test tube babies - which killed his mother due to the strain of giving birth in space. Quatre is never informed of the nature of his birth, leading him to resent his father on the basis that the family could create 'replacements' for him.

The Winner family is originally from the Middle East and are one of the driving forces for gaining peace through pacifism in the colonies. Quatre was brought up by his father (and possibly a few of his sisters), however their relationship was stained by the time Quatre became a teenager.

As a young child Quatre was happy, carefree and kind. He took music lessons in piano and violin, becoming very skilled at both. Being from a high class family he also went though etiquette lessons and was expected to be a proper young gentleman. However as he grew older he began to resent his family's status, his father's love for his work and his company, and his own lack of self confidence.

AC 193 - When he was 13, Quatre decided to rebel against his father, proving that his father's 'tools' could think for themselves. He headed for Earth on one of the family's shuttles which was intercepted by the Magunac Corps, a group of 40 men (all test tube babies) who left the colonies for Earth to oppose OZ and fight for colonial freedom. The Magunacs took Quatre and the rest of the shuttle hostage and landed on the MO-III Resource Satellite where the workers were being paid badly and some kept there against their will, without the chance to see their families. The Magunacs contacted Quatre's father and demanded a ransom, to which Zayeed agreed, even offering any of Winner Enterprises resources that may be on the satellite to the mercenaries.

While being held hostage by the Magunacs, Quatre meets Instructor H, one of the men who had been working on the Satellite the Magunacs had decided to free. The Instructor later comes to work for the Winners and continues his Mobile Suit research, creating Sandrock Gundam. Quatre begins to admire his captors and their view of their own self worth, even though they are all test tube babies. He assists them in finding a traitor amoung their group and even pilots their leader's - Rashid Kurama - Mobile Suit in order to help them escape back to Earth.

AC 195 - Instructor H tells Quatre about Operation Meteor and he decides to involve himself, even though he'll have to go against his family's policy of pacifism. He agrees to pilot the Gundam Sandrock, one of five mobile suits created to help the colonies reach their goal of freedom from Earth's oppressive and militaristic government. However the scientists in charge of creating the suits did not like the original plans for this act - known as Operation Meteor - as it called for tampering with the orbit of a colony in order to drop it on Earth. This would not only cause the deaths of millions, but would significantly reduce Earth's ability to function both politically and economically. The plan then called for the Gundams to go to Earth and seize power during the confusion and destruction. Thus the scientists recreated Operation Meteor to be an attack on OZ, the military super power protecting the Alliance. Using the Gundams for guerilla warfare, they'd wage a five against millions war in an attempt to defeat the Alliance.

April 6th, AC 195 - Instructor H and Quatre's father discuss the very likely possibility of war between Earth and the Colonies. Zayeed argues that the people of the colonies have to fight to survive in space each day, a war would devastate them and their limited population and resources. Quatre overhears and tells Instructor H about a Winner resource satellite that is about to be abandoned. Instuctor H would be able to continue his research there without having to worry about being found by OZ. He takes the scientist to the satellite and agrees to pilot Sandrock.

Operation Meteor is launched, Quatre leaves home in Sandrock with plans to meet the Magunacs in the Middle East. He leaves a letter for his father to explain his actions - 'War brings sorrow, but we must fight to protect our loved ones from the sorrow.'

April 7th, AC 195 - Quatre lands in the Sahara Desert and meets up with the Magunacs. They are attacked by OZ troops that had been tracking the five 'shooting stars'. Quatre and the Magunacs quickly dispense of them, with only minor difficulty. However Quatre does give them the offer of surrender in exchange for their lives. His offer is discarded, and they are forced to kill all the troops sent against them. After the skirmish, they retreat to an encampment near an oasis.

April 9th, AC 195 - Moving from the African Desert to the Mediterranean, Quatre plans to attack Corsica Base, a mobile suit production facility. However his plans are changed slightly when he finds that another suit is already attacking the base. They destroy the base's entire force before they reach a standoff between them. Quatre, realizing that they have a similar mission does not at first want to fight if they don't have to, however a distraction in the form of an OZ jet escaping the base leaves Quatre open. The other pilot takes his opportunity and attacks with his only remaining weapon, a knife concealed in the suit's arm. Quatre counters and their suits become interlocked.

With their stalemate apparent and with Quatre's desire to befriend the other pilot if at all possible, he opens his cockpit hatch, and comes out into the open. The other pilot does the same, hands raised in surrender. They talk, and Quatre invites Trowa back to the estate that hides one of the Magunac's bases to have his suit repaired. He and the other pilot, Trowa, bond through their shared love for music, and the similarities in their suits. However, they do not share the details of their missions, even though they are fairly sure that their goal is one and the same. Trowa leaves after his suit is repaired, and Quatre remarks to Rashid that he almost wishes that Trowa would come back and attack so that he could see the other pilot again.

April 23rd, AC 195 - Quatre tracks and maps other Gundam attacks on OZ targets. He notes that one is Trowa, but that there are others and how he wishes he could meet them all.

May 19th, AC 195 - Quatre leaves for a mission at New Edwards Base in California. He tells the Magunacs that he is going to a resort for a vacation, however Rashid sees through his lie. However he realizes that Quatre was only trying to protect them from danger by leaving them behind.

Once in California he reserves a hotel room in San Francisco and runs into Trowa by chance. He asks if Trowa would like to work together, but Trowa turns him down, preferring to work alone. However they still go to the base together, helping out two other pilots cut down the Leo forces trying to protect the base and the Pacifist leaders meeting inside. They finish off the forces together then face each other. Trowa and one of the pilots begin fighting, while the other files off to cut down a shuttle that takes off from the base.

Quatre tells the two boys to stop their bickering, however it is a fifth pilot who tells them that they had been lead into a trap by the Alliance. The shuttle had been carrying the Pacifist leaders as they evacuated the base. The Alliance had lured them there in order to create an assassination that they could blame on colonist radicals. And thus declare war on the colonies. The fifth pilot however is still willing to fight, especially so that he can get his hands on the ring master, Treize.

The fifth pilot goes after Treize's shuttle along with Trowa, while Quatre and the other two pilots stay, only to discover that they had missed some of the MS. Meanwhile some of the officers still inside the base activate the base's self destruct function. An ex-officer asks one of the other pilots with Quatre - Heero - to deactivate the missiles. Heero agrees and uses his suit to enter the missile warehouse. Quatre helps guide him via walkie talkie while he clears the runway of enemy MS for their escape.

They put their faith in Heero, and he pulls through for them. All three escape the base with their suits. However they'd made a grave mistake that they would pay for in the months to come.

Quatre goes back to the Magunac's base. They make him promise that he won't go off alone again and he agrees. He also tells Rashid that there are five Gundam pilots, including himself. And though they are all dangerous he believes that they are good people. When Rashid asks him how he knows that, Quatre tells him that the 'Soul/ Heart of Space' told him. [[The term used is: uchuu no kokoro; kokoro can be translated into English as soul or as heart. Its a reference to Quatre's empathic abilities which allow him to tell how people around him are feeling, etc.]]

June 9th, AC 195 - Quatre, the Magunacs, and three of the other Gundam pilots - Heero (Pilot 01), Duo (Pilot 02), and Trowa (Pilot 03) - attack a Taurus supply line. It quickly becomes apparent that this is another trap set by OZ to defeat and capture the Gundams. They surround the Gundams and order the pilots to surrender. Unsure of what to do in the situation, but unable to fight much longer, the pilots are saved, for the moment, by a pirated transmission.

Doctor J, interrupts the fight, and OZ assumes that he is the leader of the colonist rebels. Unsure of who he is, Duo and Quatre guess that he is one of the scientists in charge of one of the five suits. J gives Heero coded instructions to self destruct and Heero complies, not hesitating in sacrificing himself so that the Gundams will not be captured. As his suit blows up, Quatre feels Heero's pain, and the pain of those watching, it leaves him in extreme physical and emotional pain. The distraction allows the other pilots to escape however.

June 10th, AC 195 - Duo and Quatre carefully make their way back to the Magunac's home town to resupply, repair their suits and catch their breath. However OZ and the Alliance are diligent as ever and has been working on clearing out rebel groups all over Earth. This includes the Magunacs. OZ plants bombs around the town in hopes of flushing out the suspected rebel troops staying there. Duo and Quatre help the Magunacs evacuate the town to the underground base and help to fight off the initial attack in the desert before taking their leave via shuttle.

July 29th, AC 195 - As OZ moves in to comfort the colonies and convince them that they will make up for the Alliance's past cruelty and mistakes, the Gundams continue to attack OZ bases and MS facilities. The some of the colonies have begun to renounce Gundams, and have begun to side with OZ.

Quatre, Duo, and Wufei (Pilot 05) break into an OZ base in order to steal shuttles so that they can return to the colonies in hopes of regrouping. They are out numbered however and Quatre decides that self destructing Sandrock is their only option for escape. After saying farewell to his Gundam who he thinks of as a friend in battle, he hits the self destruct and escapes from Singapore into space.

July 31st, AC 195 - Injured after his escape from Singapore, Quatre's shuttle is discovered by a remnant Alliance force. They are attacked by OZ forces, but the leader of the group manages to get Quatre away safely and to a Winner satellite.

August 25th, AC 195 - Quatre wakes up on one of his family's satellites in the care of one of his sisters, Iria. Although they'd never met before, Quatre is glad to be amoung family. When he's regained his strength, Iria takes him to meet with their father. Zayeed is still of the opinion that Quatre should stop his foolish attempt to fight, and embrace total pacifism. But Quatre refuses, citing the need for someone to fight for the colonies' rights, even if they were not united. Quatre uses his time on the colony to start on the plans to rebuild Sandrock, gaining support from his sister for his strong will and ideals.

The colony they are on however has been one of OZ's political targets. Seeing the Winner family as a strong opposing force, both politically and economically, OZ has been planting seeds of unrest in the minds of the colonists. They revolt against the Winners and name their allegiance to OZ. Zayeed tries to leave the colony, but they fire on his ship killing him in front of Quatre. Vowing revenge for the death of his father, Quatre goes off to begin building the ultimate MS, Wing Zero.

September 22nd, AC 195 - Armed with Wing Zero and its terrifying 'Zero System', a system made to enhance the pilot's abilities to near super human speed and accuracy, Quatre destroys a colony, believing that they are in his way, and weak. OZ, who had captured Heero and been infiltrated by Trowa gives the two Gundam pilots their new MS, Mercurius and Vayeate to fight Quatre.

Heero and Trowa attempted to reason with him, but Quatre is far beyond the point of reasoning. After destroying two colonies, a resource satellite and countless OZ forces he sees any opposition as a threat and exterminates it. This is mostly due to the effect of the Zero System on the pilot's thought processes. While it enhances the user's abilities, it also over simplifies the scope of battle, painting things in black and white, friend and enemy. This dangerous combination leads to Quatre firing on Heero who is pushed out of the way by Trowa whose suit is destroyed. Heero prevents Quatre from going after him, telling him he needs to be accountable for his actions.

October 1st, AC 195 - OZ had recaptured Heero and Quatre after the incident with Wing Zero and uses them as test subjects for the Zero System. The scientists find it highly unstable and difficult to use and control, even for the Gundam pilots. During a test run, Heero is incapacitated by the system and Quatre uses it as an opportunity to escape. He self destructs the Mercurius and pilots Wing Zero to Earth.

October 14th, AC 195 - After arriving on Earth Quatre and Heero are captured by Count Townsend, but easily make their escape towards the now neutral, Sanc Kingdom.

October 20th, AC 195 - Still healing from the emotional wounds of watching his father murdered, and his attacks against the colonies, Quatre decides to go to Sanc. Heero decides to join a group of Treize supporters fighting against other OZ and Alliance forces. They part ways and Quatre continues onto Sanc.

November 3rd, AC 195 - Making his way into a town, Quatre is able to see first hand how civilians are dealing with the war. He rejoins Heero who is still acting as a mercenary but soon the situation grows too difficult and the two pilots retreat with the help Lucrezia Noin to the Sanc Kingdom. Quatre and Heero both attend Relena's school, both to blend in and to show Relena their gratitude for offering them her help.

November 12th, AC 195 - Quatre helps defend the Sanc Kingdom when it is attacked by OZ.

November 15th, AC 195 - Quatre leaves the Sanc Kingdom to rejoin the Magunacs in the desert. He uses an aircraft from the Sanc Kindgom, however he is forced to ditch the craft in the desert when he is attacked by OZ forces.

November 16th, AC 195 - After making the remainder of his trek on foot, Quatre reunites with his friends, the Magunacs. They present him with a newly completed Sandrock-Kai which he then uses to help them fight off more OZ troops.

November 20th, AC 195 - Quatre meets with Duo in the colonies where Duo tells him that Trowa is alive. However, when Quatre goes to see him at the circus, Catherine (who has adopted Trowa as her brother) refuses to let the blond pilot see him. As he tries to leave the colony, Quatre is attacked by OZ soldiers, Trowa comes to his aid, deciding that even though he may not have his previous memories, fighting with the other Gundam pilots is where he belongs.

November 25th, AC 195 - Trowa and Quatre join Noin in space to Peacemillion (a large space station constructed to aid the fight against OZ and other factions). They encounter various OZ forces and eventually join up with Duo as well.

December 1st, AC 195 - Now on Peacemillion, the pilots begin repairs and altercations on their suits. Meanwhile a new faction, White Fang reveals itself and its leader, Milliardo Peacecraft.

December 4th, AC 195 - Quatre and the other pilots fight against White Fang in an attempt to help the Treize faction. However Barge is destroyed in the end, showing White Fang's power in space.

December 8th, AC 195 - Wufei and Heero finally join the other Gundam pilots on Peacemillion. Trowa fights a group of OZ soldiers who are occupying the colony where the circus is currently staying. During the fight his memories come back to him. White Fang decides to show off its newly completed space craft and fire on Earth using the Libra's main weapon.

December 9th, AC 195 - Heero installs the ZERO system in Sandrock-Kai so that Quatre will be able to use it against Dorothy's mobile doll units. He manages to defeat her, as much as he dislikes the system.

December 10th, AC 195 - The World Nation begins to gather its forces in space with the intention of fighting White Fang. Hilde manages to sneak onto Libra to steal information for the Gundam pilots, but she is nearly killed by White Fang's forces in the process.

December 22nd, AC 195 - The war between White Fang and the World Nation officially begins.

December 24th, AC 195 - The Gundam pilots join the World Nation against White Fang. Quatre boards Libra and duels Dorothy using a fencing foil against her ZERO system programme. He manages to win, but is injured. Peacemillion rams Libra in order to disable its cannons, but Milliardo orders the space craft be dropped on Earth in a simulation of Operation Meteor. Heero is able to destroy it with Wing's beam cannon before it can enter the atmosphere.

AC 196 - The Earth Sphere United Nation is created, with Relena acting as Vice Foreign Minister. She leads the disarmament of Earth and the Colonies so that the era of peace may prevail.

Spring, AC 196 - Remaining White Fang members try to start another war, and ask the Gundam pilots to help them. They bomb a summit meeting, which Quatre was attending. However he survives merely because he was late. The pilots quickly find evidence of the White Fang leader's connection to a mobile suit manufacturer and the rebellion falls apart. Quatre suggests they send the Gundams into the sun to destroy them, so that they cannot be used for more destruction. All the pilots but Wufei agree to Quatre's plan.

December 24th, AC 196 - The pilots finally launch their Gundams into the sun. Meanwhile, Relena is abducted by Mariemeia Khushrenada Treize's illegitimate daughter.

December 25th, AC 196 - Mariemeia declares war on the ESUN.

December 26th, AC 196 - Feeling responsible for them not being prepared for this attack, Quatre takes a shuttle to intercept and bring back the Gundams.

December 27th, AC 196 - The Gundam pilots, and Preventers fight off Mariemeia's soldiers, and manage to prevent any major damage or loss of life. By the end of the battle, the people of the ESUN have completely backed the Gundam pilots and their fight against Mariemeia's attacks.

AC 197 - AC 199 - All remaining mobile suits, including the Gundams are finally destroyed. Quatre returns to working at Winner Enterprises Incorporated in an effort to help repair the damage left over from the war, and to atone for the lives he'd taken. On Lady Une's request, he also helped the Preventers with missions when his schedule allowed for it, or when paperwork was driving him stir crazy.

Abilities/Additional Notes: Quatre was raised to be the next head of Winner Enterprises and is already a skilled business man and politician. He can speak several languages including English, Arabic, Japanese, and Universal (the common language spoken on Earth and the Colonies). He can play a variety of instruments including the violin, piano and flute. And although he has a passable singing voice he prefers to play an instrument.

Quatre is a Newtype, or new human and as such has increased abilities like reaction speeds, endurance, and a higher learning curve. He is also empathic (referred to in series as his 'uchii no kokoro' or 'space heart') and thus highly sensitive to the feelings of those around him, especially if that person has a close relationship with him. His empathic abilities are also shown to extend somewhat into an ability to read more than just emotions (he reads Heero’s thoughts at one point) in other Newtypes and sensitives. He sees emotions as colourful blurs of light and can easily tell one person from another by their emotions.

He is capable of hacking into mid and higher level security systems and can easily navigate through file indexes to find the information he needs. With a fair mind for engineering, he can plan and build everything from mobile suits to housing developments. Because of his quick reaction speeds, endurance and determination, he is a natural pilot. He also has training in various firearms, Sandrock’s shotels, some hand to hand combat and fencing. In addition to his combat training, Instructor H made sure he knew basic field first aid.

Quatre is a skilled strategist and can be counted on to find the most effective battle plan in almost any situation. He has a strong tolerance to pain and drugs, though this causes him to push himself past his limits, and to have bad reactions (such as becoming ill, headaches, and temporary lapses in memory) to strong pain killers and tranquilizers. Pain medications also have a dampening effect on his empathy which has lead him to dislike them as a whole.

Advocate Note: Yes. I think it would be interesting to track Quatre's growth as a character after being thrust back into his family's faith without much warning. He would also be forced to question his own values, and worth in response to this, which will call into question the choices he made during the war.

Sample Journal Post:

I don't know where I am. I can't remember anything from before...dinner time? So maybe an hour ago? Actually I'm not really sure why I'm even broadcasting this. I just need some kind of reassurance maybe? And information...

[He takes a deep breath.]

I'm sorry I'm not making much sense. My name is...Quatre Winner. I need some help. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Sample RP: The grass under his cheek was damp. His brain searched for a reason why that might be strange or odd, but he was in too much pain to focus on anything. Let alone the reason why the grass was wet. He opened his eyes slowly, and waited for them to focus. It was still light outside, but it was hazy in the shadows and too bright in the sun, like an overexposed photo. Closing his eyes again he pressed his hands against the ground and pushed himself up on his hands and knees. Even that small amount of movement made his head spin and his stomach threaten revolt.

He groaned and rubbed at his eyes, then checked his shoulder harness and found his gun was still there. His limbs felt heavy, the kind of heaviness he’d always associated with Earth’s gravity. The drugged feeling and the white noise pounding at his ears didn’t help. He forced his eyes open again and stared at the wild patch of grass he was kneeling on, then raised his gaze and scanned the area. There was no one else around, and as far as he could tell, the baseball diamond where he’d been left was abandoned. Taking a few deep breaths he tried to think back to what he remembered last. If he’d been kidnapped, those last few minutes of memory would be very important.

He’d been with Duo that day, at least he guessed it was the same day. Running a quick hand over his cheek confirmed that his stubble hadn’t begun to grow back. Actually he’d been with Duo on L2 that entire weekend. The other boy, had asked him to take a break from work and visit him. Quatre had tried to find some work reason not to go, but even his secretary seemed to be working against him and had cleared his schedule for a week. So he’d boarded a company shuttle and met Duo at the Shuttle Port, then spent the next few days having the time of his life.

Carefully getting to his feet, Quatre began moving towards the dugouts. The field was too open, and even if someone was watching him, he had a better chance with the dugouts as cover. He made it to the chain link fence before he threw up then sank to the ground a few feet away. His back ached as he leaned against the fence, but it was more comfortable than the hard ground. He knew that there was a reason why his back hurt, but he couldn’t quite reach the memory. Duo and L2, it had something to do with Duo, he knew that much.

They’d gone out two nights ago, Duo had gotten them fake IDs so they could go to a club he knew about. Quatre had been a little nervous about being recognized at first, but Duo had dressed him up, mussed up his hair and even had him put on black eye liner. His own secretary probably wouldn’t have recognized him. He’d been hit on by both girls and boys, but Duo was always right there with a protective arm around his waist. They had danced, and got rather drunk, and that was the point that Quatre’s memory of the night faded. The next morning his head was killing him and his back felt like he had horrible road burn. A quick glance had shown him the outline of a pair of shotels now covering his back. Duo had laughed a little then lured him back to bed with painkillers and some concoction that eased most of his headache.

Slipping one hand under the collar of his shirt, Quatre reached over his shoulder until his fingers brushed the scab from the tattoo. At least that explained his back, his other symptoms could most likely be explained by whatever drug he’d been given. Though it didn’t give him any clue to where he was. Looking again, he noticed the warning signs posted up and frowned. There still didn’t seem to be anyone around, even though it was starting to get dark. What was the point of kidnapping him and dumping him on Earth? He let his head droop against his knees and groaned in frustration. It just didn’t make sense.

Yesterday they’d stayed in bed for most of the day, just talking  and relaxing. It had been nice to have a day where the biggest interruption had been to find enough clothes to answer the door and pay for take out. They’d gone to bed late again, after a movie marathon and he’d made Duo breakfast in bed. Though it was only toaster waffles and scrambled eggs. Then they had wandered around the colony for a while. Duo pointing out the best deals for various scrap metal bits and bobs, Quatre planning possible renovations and filing them away for later. Another perfect day, and his memory of it ended just as they had been walking to a restaurant for dinner.

Had they been attacked then? He honestly couldn’t remember, and his headache was only getting worse with the constant, unexplained white noise. He closed his eyes and covered his ears, then tried to think. He needed to find Duo, figure out where he was, and find out who had done this and why. But first he needed to find somewhere safe and decently warm for the night. The dugouts looked okay, but there were other buildings around and those would give him better shelter if it started to rain or if the temperature dropped.

Quatre pulled himself to his feet, wrapped his arms around himself and began walking along the fence to the only exit he’d seen. It was almost full dark now, and Quatre shivered a little. The place was definitely creepy, so if the people who had done this were trying to disorient him, they were doing a good job. Carefully, he made his way through the exit, pulling his gun out for good measure. What looked like an apartment building loomed up ahead of him, though the area was still strangely deserted. For a moment everything was deathly quiet, even the white noise in his ears faded to a low hum, then a siren went off.

Dropping to the ground, Quatre pressed himself against the fence behind a bench. It was horrible cover, but he didn’t even know why an aid raid siren would be going off. Watching the area closely he gasped a little as the world began to decay around him. He covered his mouth quickly and watched wide eyed as creatures began to build themselves out of the darkness surrounding them. Large ones and smaller almost child like ones appeared, and Quatre shrunk against the chain link fence behind him. He’d faced death hundreds of times. He’d faced torture at OZ’s hands. But he’d never felt so scared as he now. Alone in an unfamiliar place, with ghosts or ghouls, or monsters all around him. He had one extra clip, and no where to go.


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