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Quatre is able to sense/read the emotions of others and from that if there is a very strong connection between them can possibly glean something closer to thoughts. In game he normally has his empathic shielding up, but will use his abilities when he thinks it can help. Unless its an emergency situation though, he'll try to explain his abilities, and ask the person in question if its alright. He is also capable of projecting his own emotions to others he has strong emotional connections with.

Let me know if its alright for Q to read your character's emotions or not!

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Date: 2012-08-26 11:19 am (UTC)
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Oh! I didn't know you had a permissions post like this. :O Glad I was browsing Quatre's info. xD

You are more than welcome to use empathic powers on my characters, in fact I fully encourage it (especially with Hannibal, who's so deceptive it would probably be most useful :P ).

In addition to this guy, I play Thor Odinson and Jadzia Dax, in case they ever run in Quatre also.


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